Spring Lamb with Basil and Jersey Royals

Apr 10, 2018 | Lamb Recipes, Recipes

Quick, simple and easy this recipe highlights all that is great about Spring Lamb. For alternatives, you can add or substitute basil for other herbs or a light green such as watercress,  another underrated and vibrant spring ingredient.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 200-300g Dorking Butchery Organic Lamb Rump or Chump Chops
  • 300g fresh or frozen peas
  • Handful of fresh basil (We used the smaller greek basil, however any fresh basil will do the job!)
  • A good handful of washed Jersey Royal potatoes


  1. Season the lamb steaks with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and sea salt and rub with a little oil.
  2. Pre-heat a heavy based frying pan or griddle pan. When hot, place the lamb fat side down and begin to crisp up the edges, sealing in all the flavour.
  3. Meanwhile, drop the Jerseys into a pan of salted boiling water, they should take around 10 mins to cook so move your attention back to the lamb while they boil away. You will need to add the peas to the pan for the last 2 mins, the idea is to keep the peas as green and vibrant as possible, overcooking will lose the colour and make them too soft!
  4. The lamb will take around 8-10 mins depending on the thickness, ask our butcher when picking up the lamb how long your specific cut will take. Ideally, the lamb will be juicy and pink in the middle. The best way to achieve this is by resting the meat for a good few minutes before serving.
  5. When the potatoes are soft (and after adding the peas for the last 2 mins), drain the Jerseys and transfer to a bowl, dress with olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar and the fresh basil.
  6. Slice the lamb and arrange around the Jerseys, season with extra black pepper and enjoy!