Returns Policy

All products purchased at The Dorking Butchery are covered by our Returns Policy.

Your legal rights: When you buy goods from a business, in law you have a number of rights as a consumer. These include the right to claim a refund, replacement, repair and/or compensation where the goods are faulty or misdescribed.

With Proof of Purchase

Our Policy:

In addition to your legal rights, Our return policy covers any products that do not meet our high standards or your expectations. Due to the nature of fresh meat and fresh products it is your obligation to ask for advice regarding the correct storage of raw meat products. For advice please speak to one of our butchers or alternatively seek advice from the FSA.

The Dorking Butchery follows strict regulations regarding the preparation, storage and sale of fresh meat, we adhere to very high standards and are inspected regularly to ensure theses high standards are maintained. We have procedures in place to ensure before the sale of fresh meat every care is taken to certify the product is fit for human consumption. The Dorking Butchery will not be responsible for incorrect or unsuitable storage once our product has left the store, we can only advise in matters of aftercare. In the unlikely event that you should be unsatisfied with your purchase please inform us within 24 hours and return the goods to us within 24 hours with your original receipt.

The Dorking Butchery reserves the right to inspect and asses the product for acceptable return condition and in certain circumstances we may send to a biological lab for suitable testing before issuing a refund. In most cases you will be offered a full refund, exchange or credit note.

To make a claim under our returns policy you must provide us with a valid receipt and notify us within 24 hours of purchase. The staff member handling your request will advise you on the suitable course of action that will be taken. Any cost incurred by you in bringing the item back to the store, will be borne by you.

Without Proof of Purchase

Our Policy:

The Dorking Butchery reserves the right to deny a refund or an exchange without proof of purchase or without acceptable proof of correct storage as outlined in the FSA guidelines.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund or exchange any fresh meat after 24 hours because we are unable to accurately asses how the product has been handled or stored. It is a breach of our Health and Safety policy with regards to brining outside potentially contaminated substances into our store.

Our contact details

If you have any questions about our returns policy, please talk to a member of staff or do not hesitate to contact us:

The Dorking Butchery
48 High Street
Surrey RH4 1AY
01306 640517