We’ve recently started working with Cassie and Andrew, pork farmers based in Reigate. They both share our passion for reviving rare and native breed pork and their dedication to producing exceptional produce is the main reason their pork has been such a hit at the Dorking Butchery.

We caught up with Cassie who gave us a little insight into their porky passion:

What breeds do you read and why?

We have had a mixture of Gloucester Old Spots, Cornwall Blacks, and Saddlebacks, although tend to have Saddlebacks most of the time now as the breeder we work with does such a great job and we’re keen to support them when we choose which weaners we take on, and when.  The breeds we choose are all rare breed, and we wanted to support this element of pig farming in the UK rather than mass managed mainstream pig breeds whose welfare levels can be of a lower standard.  We keep our pigs outside in large fields (with an ark well stocked with straw) making sure they have a high quality life, which also results in an excellent quality of meat.

Why did you decide to rear pigs?

Andrew has access to family owned land that wasn’t being used at the time and we decided that keeping pigs in a lovely open space would be a great learning for us, and an opportunity to make sure rare breed animals could be cared for in a high welfare, free range environment.

What would you say to anybody considering buying pork from a supermarket?

We feel that it’s important to support British farming, and the farm supplier network of meat that’s offered through your local butcher.  We’re huge fans of knowing where our meat comes from and how the animals have been treated.  The price of meat at the supermarket may be lower but the quality of product and the advice you can be offered from your butcher (from what to buy through to how to cook it) is invaluable.

Speak to our chatty team of butchers to find out what produce we’ve got in the shop from Cassie and Andrew’s farm.

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