Over the coming months, we’ll be compiling a “Meat the Butcher” section for the website, giving you a little insight into new members of the team, as well as familiar faces.  To start with, here’s an introduction to the youngest member of the team, our apprentice!





How long have you worked at The Dorking Butchery?

I’ve been working here since the Butchery opened just over a year ago in February 2016.

What’s the best part of being a Butcher at The Dorking Butchery?

I really like the guys I work with, we’re a great team and have a laugh whilst also getting the work done.

Do you have any favourite cuts of meat, and why?

My favourite cut is lamb neck fillet, it’s tasty and tender when slow cooked for hours – and it’s inexpensive.

What’s your ultimate favourite recipe?

I’m a huge fan of pan-fried duck fillet with noodles and stir fried vegetables – it’s the first dish I cooked at the Butchery and it’s so easy (but delicious!).

Tell us something interesting about one of your colleagues that they wouldn’t want revealed to Dorking!

Secretly, Gary is a big fan of Yoga, but doesn’t tell anyone about it!


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