Butcher & Co-Owner

How long have you worked at The Dorking Butchery?

As Co-Owner, I’ve been working here since day 1 in February 2016.

What’s the best part of being a butcher at The Dorking Butchery?

I love the customer interaction and everyday I go home smiling, the team pretty much take the mick out of me all day!

What’s your favourite cut of meat & why?

A thick piece of bavette with plenty of fat, it has texture, taste and it is so tender when cooked perfectly – a really versatile and underrated cut!

What’s your favourite recipe?

Anything in a curry! Whether it’s the sour flavours from North Africa, the spicy kick of Scotch bonnets in Caribbean food or the warming spices from India, I cook a curry at least 3 times a week!

Tell us something interesting about one of your colleagues at The Dorking Butchery?

Christian’s nickname is Snafu after Rami Malek in ‘The Pacific‘, he denies it –  but he’s the spitting image of the bloke!


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