Molly’s Crispy Aromatic Duck Two Ways

Molly’s Crispy Aromatic Duck Two Ways

Make your own version of the classic Chinese takeaway dish with a twist, with Molly's crispy aromatic duck two-ways, including a selection of scrumptious options for sides!  Things I have learnt in the past week: If you're making shredded duck do not, I repeat do not,...

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The Salt Box Persian-Inspired Lamb Stew

The Salt Box Persian-Inspired Lamb Stew

This sweet, meltingly-tender Persian-inspired lamb stew is really easy and makes for a delicious, warming meal for family and friends. Lamb neck fillet is economical and extremely tasty, and the pomegranate seeds and herbs give this dish a really fresh twist. There's...

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Reuben’s Pulled Pork Recipe

Reuben’s Pulled Pork Recipe

A smoky American classic, pulled pork is a firm favourite at The Dorking Butchery. Reuben's House Rub is the perfect spice mix for this recipe, homemade in Dorking by one of our very own butchers, Jon. Ingredients Pork Shoulder (approximately 400g per person) Reuben's...

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Jay’s Best Burger Recipe

Jay’s Best Burger Recipe

Find out how to make the finest burgers in Dorking with this epic recipe from local resident and loyal customer Jay Neale. Ingredients (makes 6-8 burgers) 1kg beef mince (from The Dorking Butchery, of course) 2x eggs 1x generous teaspoon of easy chilli 1x generous...

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Slow Cooked Duck Leg Ragu Recipe

Slow Cooked Duck Leg Ragu Recipe

Duck legs are perfectly suited to slow-cooking, braising or confiting, until the meat is deliciously tender and falls off the bone. This heart-warming, indulgent duck leg ragu recipe is perfect with a glass of red wine on a chilly autumn evening.   Ingredients 1 tbsp...

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Lucy’s Winter Pork Stew

Lucy's pork stew is the perfect winter warm - slow cooked to perfection and jam packed full of...

American-Style Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a classic American comfort food. Now, for some reason, while by no means unknown here...

Dan’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Our butcher Dan's chicken noodle soup is a ridiculously simple winter warmer, perfect if you’re...

Steak Sauces: Béarnaise and Peppercorn

There are few things in the world that make a great piece of perfectly cooked steak taste better,...

Chicken and Pork Ramen Noodles

Warm up a chilly evening with this healthy pork and chicken ramen noodle recipe. The secret really...

The Dorking Butchery Feather Blade

Feather blade of beef is one of those cuts of beef that is rarely offered outside of a butchers...

Fennel, Chilli and Orange Pork Belly Buns with Roast Garlic Mayo, Pink Pickled Onions and Scratchings by The Salt Box

This​ pork belly ​recipe​ by The Salt Box ​is​ ​an​ ​incredibly​ ​simple​ ​way​ ​to​ ​make​ ​a​...

Venison Burger with Mulled Red Cabbage Slaw & Blue Cheese Sauce

Nothing quite says autumn like the arrival of seasonal game. From venison and partridge to rabbit...

Lucy’s Spaghetti Bolognese

A quick and easy version of the classic Italian dish. Tastes great, no matter how simple. A firm...

Mark’s Indonesian Pork Satay

A popular dish in South-East Asia, this spicy pork is skewered with a bamboo stick, grilled & served with a dipping sauce. Recipe by our customer, Mark.

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